Connecting Networks Version 6 – CN Final Exam

Connecting Networks (Version 6.00) – CN Final Exam

What routing protocol can be configured to load balance across paths with unequal metrics through the use of the variance command?




What are two features of a link-state routing protocol? (Choose two.)

Routers send periodic updates only to neighboring routers.

Routers send triggered updates in response to a change.*

Routers create a topology of the network by using information from other routers.*

The database information for each router is obtained from the same source.

Paths are chosen based on the lowest number of hops to the designated router.


A router is participating in an OSPFv2 domain. What will always happen if the dead interval expires before the router receives a hello packet from an adjacent DROTHER OSPF router?

OSPF will run a new DR/BDR election.SPF will run and determine which neighbor router is “down”.

A new dead interval timer of 4 times the hello interval will start.

OSPF will remove that neighbor from the router link-state database.*


In an OSPFv2 configuration, what is the effect of entering the command network area 0?

It changes the router ID of the router to enables OSPF on all interfaces on the router.

It tells the router which interface to turn on for the OSPF routing process.*

It allows all networks to be advertised.


What does the cost of an OSPF link indicate?

A higher cost for an OSPF link indicates a faster path to the destination.Link cost indicates a proportion of the accumulated value of the route to the destination.

Cost equals bandwidth.

A lower cost indicates a better path to the destination than a higher cost does.*


Which two addresses represent valid destination addresses for an OSPFv3 message? (Choose two.)






What information is contained in OSPF type 3 LSAs?

networks reachable in other areas*

networks learned from other routing protocols

the router ID of the DR to all routers in the area

the router ID of an ASBR and the route to reach it


Refer to the exhibit.For the given topology, what are three results of the OSPF DR and BDR elections ?(Choose three.)

R1 is BDR for segment A.

R2 is DR for segment A.

R3 is DR for segment A.*

R4 is DR for segment B.

R5 is BDR for segment B.*

R3 is DR for segment B.*


Refer to the exhibit.In this scenario, Area 40 cannot be connected directly to Area 0. Which OSPF network type must be configured in Area 1 to connect these areas?​


virtual link*


nonbroadcast multiaccess


Refer to the exhibit.What method can be used to enable an OSPF router to advertise a default route to neighboring OSPF routers?

Use a static route pointing to the ISP and redistribute it.

Use a static route pointing to the ISP and redistribute it.

Use the redistribute static command on R0-A.

Use the default-information originate command on ISP.

Use the default-information originate command on R0-A.*


Refer to the exhibit.A network administrator has configured the OSPF timers to the values that are shown in the graphic. What is the result of having those manually configured timers?

The R1 dead timer expires between hello packets from R2.*

R1 automatically adjusts its own timers to match the R2 timers.

The hello timer on R2 expires every ten seconds.

The neighbor adjacency has formed.


Refer to the exhibit.A network administrator has configured OSPFv2 on the two Cisco routers as shown. The routers are unable to form a neighbor adjacency. What should be done to fix the problem?

Implement the command no passive-interface Serial0/1.

Implement the command network area 0 on router R2.

Implement the command network area 0 on router R2.

Change the router-id of router R2 to


A network administrator has configured an EtherChannel between two switches that are connected via four trunk links. If the physical interface for one of the trunk links changes to a down state, what happens to the EtherChannel?

Spanning Tree Protocol will transition the failed physical interface into forwarding mode.

Spanning Tree Protocol will recalculate the remaining trunk links.

The EtherChannel will transition to a down state.

The EtherChannel will remain functional.*


Which mode configuration setting would allow formation of an EtherChannel link between switches SW1 and SW2 without sending negotiation traffic?

SW1: on
SW2: on*

SW1: desirable
SW2: desirable

SW1: auto
SW2: auto
PortFast enabled on both switches

SW1: auto
SW2: auto
trunking enabled on both switches

SW1: passive
SW2: active


Which two statements are correct about EIGRP acknowledgment packets? (Choose two.)

The packets are used to discover neighbors that are connected on an interface.

The packets are sent as unicast.*

The packets require confirmation.

The packets are unreliable.*

The packets are sent in response to hello packets.

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